When I won the title of Miss Universe in 1983, I met Ruth Romero who was my traveling manager and companion for that year. Ruth has continuously shared with me essential life skills, which have helped me tremendously on my personal journey. Her deep inner knowing about all aspects of life and innate personal style make her a wonderful role model for women of all ages and cultures. Her fashion sense is truly elegant, stylish and fun! Ruth has a definite ‘eye’ for detail and this is clearly shown in her own personal image and in the interiors of her home.
~ Lorraine Downes, Miss Universe 1983, winner of “Dancing with the Stars” 2006(NZ) Image Consultant and co-author of “REAL: The Truth About Fashion, Beauty and Image“.

In 1982 I won the title of Miss USA. One of the greatest treasures I received that year was having Ruth Romero as my traveling manager and companion. Ruth was an inspiration to me then and continues to be to this day. She epitomizes wisdom, courage and a passion for life that only a few ever attain. She brings out the best in everyone she meets. Whether as a loyal friend, mentor or guide, Ruth encourages you to be all that you can be with humor, candor and love. Allow her to touch your life. It will never be the same!
~ Terri Britt (Utley), Miss USA 1982 and author of “Message Sent: Retrieving the Gift of Love” and “The Enlightened Mom“.


Upon meeting Ruth Romero once, you will be graced with her magic forever. Her wisdom, creative thinking and ability to explore professional options were all put to great use as I envisioned the path I was meant to take. She continues to be a magnificent influence in my life today – on professional and personal matters alike. Ruth is one of the most passionate, focused and quality-minded individuals I’m honored to know. She is destined to make an impact on your life as well!
~ Rosemarie Lanard, Vice President, Employee Engagement and Diversity, Standard & Poors, New York, NY

Ruth came into my life when I was five years old. I was instantly enthralled with her grace, elegance and joy of life. As a young girl, she stressed the importance of etiquette, poise, and of course finding one’s own style. I consider myself a protege of sorts, for it has been Ruth’s influence that I have found invaluable in shaping the woman I’ve become. She possesses an innate sensibility for all things grand. I am certain that she will enhance your life as she has so lovingly enhanced mine.
~ Tara Davis. Chef and Culinary Instructor,  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“The shopping trips we had were some of my favorite days.  Ever!  How caring you were in helping me choose those basics and the trendy ones too. Showing me how to dress them up or down depending on the occasion.  The use of camisoles and layering pieces to create a different look was all new to me.  I appreciate your sharing your experience and expertise with me.”
~ Sharron Cummons ~ Realtor

“The days of feeling helpless and overwhelmed in a department store are over!  Ruth Saved me from wasting countless hours wandering aimlessly in clothing stores.  Ruth has a wonderful eye for style and helps her clients understand and establish their own sense of style.  Because of Ruth’s help, shopping is easier and saves me time and money.  Simplifying and minimizing my wardrobe was one of my goals working with Ruth.  My consultation with Ruth started by going through my closet and clearing our clothes that were no longer suited for me.  She helped me understand what colors and styles are best on me.  It feels good to have clothes in my closet that go together and I am proud to wear!  Thanks again, Ruth for all your warm and wonderful help and guidance.”
~ Lisa Stevenson ~ Realtor

I have always found shopping for clothes difficult and stressful.  I never felt particularly good in what I wore and when I gained weight it was even worse.  Working with Ruth has helped me to feel good about what I wear.  Finding out what works for me and my body shape and style has been truly liberating.  I now look and feel good and don’t mind shopping for clothes — as long as I can take Ruth with me.  Working with Ruth will save you time, save you money and help you feel good about yourself!”
~ Linda Binns – Coach and Consultant

Look Good…Feel Good…Do Good … When I shower and put on nice clothes, I begin my day with an air of self-confidence.  Action often precedes the feeling.  If we dress and groom ourselves to be what we perceive as attractive to ourselves and to others, we begin to create the feeling of self-confidence and self-love that begins deep within our being.  The result is that we are able to accomplish much more than we would normally have expected ourselves to be capable of achieving. Shine in 09…my new resolution for the upcoming year!!!
~ Bill Kearley – Consultant

Ruth is a spirited light shining into our lives as we seek to bring out our personal style and panache for the world to see!  She was invaluable in preparing my wardrobe and me for television appearances tied to debating the four men who also ran for Idaho Governor 2010.”
~Jana Kemp, International author and speaker and Independent Candidate for Idaho Governor 2010.

From feeling like an ugly duckling to realizing I am a swan, I really like the woman I have become and am so thankful Ruth has helped me find her.  More and more, I like myself and the way I look.
~Lelsie Wolf, Military

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance with developing my new style.  The closet audit taught me a lot about what didn’t work for me.  But going shopping with you gave me a whole new level of understanding about how to choose clothes that make me look wonderful.  Best of all, I now understand how to choose clothes for myself.  It’s a tremendous gift and I appreciate it!
~Fran McKain, Photographer

Ruth Romero knows style.  Since Ruth helped me organize and reduce the contents of my closet, I now feel confident about my appearance.  Business associates have remarked that I look younger and better than I have in years.  When I know I look good on the outside, I’m able to concentrate on what I’m doing, whether it is meeting with a client or speaking to an audience.
~Kathy McIntosh, Speaker, writer and editor