Personal Style Consultation for Women

Imagine spending less money on clothing; yet feeling and looking fabulous for every situation.  Avoid shopping mistakes.  When you define your body type, you will understand the styles and colors that compliment your body.  You will look thinner and younger and learn to enhance your best features.

All consultations encompass a variety of elements.

  • Closet Audit
  • Define your personal style
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Accessories and why they are the glue that holds a wardrobe together.

Personal Style Consultation for Men

Ruth will assist you in developing a functional wardrobe; be it dressy or casual.  You too, can learn to buy what you wear best and always have a complete and polished look.

  • Style Consultation – It’s about selecting fashion that speaks to you alone.
  • Man’s “musts” in building an individual wardrobe.
  • Personal Shopping for the busy executive.
  • Using accessories to change your look and mood plus express your personality.
  • Hair style consultation

~Cary Grant.  “All it takes are a few simple outfits.”  Invest your clothing budget in classic and basic pieces made of quality fabrics and good workmanship.  Suit styles vary.  Find out the style best suitable for your body type.  As you “grow” your wardrobe you will continue to balance it so as to provide a selection of clothing for any occasion, including the weather.

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Professional Image Seminars

This is for businesses seeking to create a cutting-edge company image.  Stand above the competition.

  • The professional image: The importance of that first impression.
  • Planning a wardrobe for the workplace:  Defining business casual.
  • Common courtesies and good manners.
  • Etiquette in the electronic age
  • Effective business communication skills
  • The essence of cutting-edge customer service
  •  Confidence building exercises
  •  Social etiquette:  Learn the manners and mores that help you navigate any social situation with success and confidence.

All  seminars are customized according to each company’s needs and requirements.

Your appearance makes a strong statement about your personality, values, attitudes and goals.  The way you look affects the way others respond and react to you.  A professional image pays big dividends for the individual as well as for the company he or she represents.

Speaking Engagements

Ruth is an entertaining, motivating speaker who can guide your group towards realizing your organizational goals.

Please contact her for more information.