On Going Gray!

This Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for my beautiful gray hair, white, in some areas.  For over 30 years I have been coloring my hair and never realized the gorgeous gray tresses that were hidden all this time.  Women often comment to me, “how liberating.”  Yes, it is, but more than that and because of my thinning hair, gone are the days when I would spend sprinkling brown fibers to hide my shiny scalp.  Now my gray, softer in color, blends in with the shine of my scalp.  That, is truly liberating!

It has not been an easy task on my part, but realizing that I am presently working towards my 80th birthday, something inside of me kept nudging me to do it.  So I did!  The procedure happened very quickly.  Thanks to my colorist, Tia.  I was instantly stripped of all the dark color.  Too late, to have second thoughts, job was done, finished, and going back is NOT my style.  I braved the shocking comments from friends, but the most shocking was of the image I saw and continue seeing in the mirror.  “This is really me,” I often say.  Regrets?  Only in passing.  My fighting spirit encourages me to forge ahead with “gratitude, confidence and style!”

The thoughts of dealing with the labels that go with being gray have haunted me and I do not like that, plain and clear.  “Vulnerability” stands out for me, “old” is the judgment call for anyone with gray hair.  I can no longer “fool” others with what I am not.  I have been blessed with perfect health, a young spirit, and a zest for life, often passing for less than my calendar years.  Now that I am gray, will that change?  Thus far, it has not.  But, I do fear the label.  Why do I dislike it so?  Why do we as a society dislike the word and spend millions of dollars avoiding nature’s process?  Am I allowing myself to be caught up with the words “age and gray” to define me?  It remains my work as I share.

I personally judge the word to mean decaying health, low of spirit and watching the world pass by with regrets of days gone by.  All that I am not.  The book I wrote, “Be The Rage at any Age” has suddenly appeared to be questionable and more meaningful at the same time.  What did I mean when I fell in love with those words.  Were they only to be a shallow catchy phrase?  Or, did I understand their meaning?  I admit, the phrase is becoming more real to me as each day passes.  I continue to learn and  dare to live my life as the divine has so decreed with all the grace I have been given.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2013, I want to express my gratitude for my wonderful family, particularly my son, Mark who admits he is having difficulty with his mother going gray. My perfect health, beautiful life, the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears that I have personally experienced in my 79 years.  I would change nothing, for they have made me the woman I have become.

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No Man Is An Island

Most of us have heard that saying more than once for I find it to be true in my personal as well as professional life.

This Thanksgiving Day I wish to express my gratitude to the two fabulous women who assist me in guiding my clients on makeovers.  They are:

Delila,  owner of Faces who is makeup artist extraordinaire.  It was magical finding her here in Boise, but find her I did.  Not knowing her name only the reputation of being “the best,” I succeeded in locating her and for 6 years she has helped my clients find ways to enhance their already beautiful faces.

Tia Lee at Salon 117 in Boise has been one magnificent woman who excels in hair artistry.  She is incredible in styling and the best of colorists.  She just “knows hair” and her creativity in finding the most suitable style for you is beyond expectations.

I salute these two women for their dedication and commitment to their profession and the art of enhancing the beauty of each and every woman that comes to them for assistance.  They are both fun loving professionals who take pleasure in accomplishing great results with their clients.  I am blessed to have them as part of my team.

Thank you Delila and Tia!  I love you and appreciate you both.









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A Woman Discovers Her Beauty!

I recently had the privilege of meeting and working with a beautiful and fun loving Laughing Yoga Coach who strongly felt she was in need of a “makeover.”  Upon meeting her, I discovered a woman in a quandary about her style, but committed to a change.  It did not take her long before she began to “get it.”  Her following words say it best.

“Working with Ruth was so much more than a makeover of my wardrobe, hair and makeup.  The inner transformation has been incredible.  I had no idea what to expect, but having done it, I wish that ever woman (and man) could have this experience!  The process really stretched me out of my comfort zone, but Ruth is so much fun and funny that she made the whole thing a delight.  I have expanded into a brighter, bolder version of myself and I feel like I could fly!

I so appreciate Ruth’s wisdom, her direct style, her playful energy, and her ongoing support.  She has created a powerful process for personal transformation; she is a mentor for me to upgrade to ‘be the best version of me’ through the medium of style.  With my new look, I step into a room in a whole new way; I feel bold, confident, radiant, and powerfully free to be my true self — I am unstoppable!  Thank you, Ruth!  This is the best gift I have ever given to myself.”  ….Anne – Idaho Falls


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There is a SECRET to effortless dressing that you will discover when you plan your wardrobe wisely  You will spend less money!  You will always have something to wear with confidence knowing that you are making a flawless presentation.  You save yourself from sheer frustration and confusion at the sight of a closet that is bursting at the seams, yet feeling you have nothing to wear.

When you know what you wear best you will:

  1. Save money!  Have more outits with fewer clothes when you learn to coordinate your basics.
  2. Learn to work with your individual body type, wearing what is best for YOU!
  3. Appear younger, trimmer and taller.
  4. Get the maximum wear out of everything you own.
  5. Use accessories to add mileage and variety to your basics.  They are the glue that pull an outfit together while expressing your individual personality.
  6. Go to your closet and always have something to wear.
  7. Learn to buy what you need while avoiding the trends that are here today and gone tomorrow.

The most important step in building a functional and attractive wardrobe exclusively for you is to take an honest inventory of your body.  Learn what you have to work with while learning where to maximize and where to minimize.

In 1550 BC, the Roman Philopher, Epictetus said it so well, “Know first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.”

Do you know that women spend an average of $2000 a year on their wardrobe?  55% of that number is spent of frivolous items.  20% of her clothing is worn only 80% of the time.

Treat yourself to a professional’s guidance who can save you money as you learn to get the best results in the most creative and cost-effective way.



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You Are Perfect!

Making The Most of What You Have.

The Roman Philosopher, Epictetus was on target when he said, “Know first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.”  Getting to know ourselves and our bodies begins with self-acceptance and appreciation of the person we see in the mirror.  Instead of spending hours of frustration trying to create the bodies we too often would like to have, let’s begin by getting acquainted with what we already have.  The perfection we often seek, is the beauty that exists right within each and every one of us.  It is up to us to find it and to celebrate it!

As we assess our bodies honestly and creatively, we are able to proceed with our own individual adornment; as the philosopher so distinctly says.  There are individual ways of creating our very own silhouette.  When we begin to discover and accept our bodies as they are, we will be able to express our uniqueness by creating  illusions and effects with the clothes we wear.  One is capable of learning ways of minimizing challenges while at the same time enhancing what we love about our bodies.  This outer self exploration allows one to make the most out of clothing selections, avoiding costly mistakes that will sit in our closet taking up precious space.  This is the beginning of discovering one’s individual style!

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Style Tips and Fashion Basics for Women

“Cling to your style and refuse the trends.”  ~vreeland

Having a small wardrobe of just the right pieces is infinitely better than over-full closets and dressers that are stuffed with trendy or cheap items.  It really does pay to invest in basic classics made of quality, excellent fabrics and fine workmanship.  In the long run you will save money!  Be conservative about buying on sale.  In fact it can be dangerous since you will probably be motivated by the thrill of bargain hunting instead of necessity.  Such bargains seldom pay off.  Before investing in this “fabulous buy,” ask yourself if this is something you would buy at full price.  If so, by all means buy it.  If not, leave it alone!

Update your basics with accessories.  Scarves and more scarves, jewelry, shoes and bags can be great wardrobe extenders.  Quality pieces in a classic design are always in style and can easily be updated with a fun accessory that will also express your own style and creativity.  Belts, scarves and jewelry add variety to your wardrobe while creating illusions of wearing a different outfit every day.

Shoes and bags are great accessories that can add flair and style to any outfit.  Here again, buy the best quality you can afford, and make sure the shoes are the best possible fit.  A pair of strappy shoes and/or a dressier pair of earrings will change the look of a business basic suit or dress instantly from daytime to after-five.  Keep in mind that pumps remain the best shoe choice for business.

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Declutter your closet – Declutter your life!

Closet audits.  Unless you are planning on creating a museum in your name, there is no excuse for having a cluttered closet with huge inventories of clothing you may not even remember you had.  It serves no one, most of all you.  Cleaning out your closet and getting rid of “stuff” is more than that.  It is about creating order, calm and control in your life.  In fact I would take it one step further, it is about freeing yourself of the past.  Clients that I have worked with have said it in so many words, “I did not realize I was hanging on to an old relationship, a time when I was thinner.  Perhaps I have been clinging to my youth.”  Those thoughts are never realized until you begin to move the “stuff” out.  It is then that old emotions begin to surface.  It is also then when you realize how freer you are beginning to feel.

A closet audit is the fastest way to having more to wear.  Once you rid yourself of what no longer serves you, you quickly find and see that your wardrobe is more appealing.  Decisions are so much simpler when the right pieces are no longer surrounded by the old, worn pieces that have been taking up precious space.  The gaps that you have left after your audit, will give you a better idea of what you need to buy the next time you shop.  You will now have a point of direction instead of running into the store grabbing a few things that you hope will go with what you think you may have in your closet.  A trimmed closet makes it easier for you to function on a daily basis.

Make “Less is More” your mantra and always remember that it is best to own a few quality pieces than a closet full of mismatches that will not go with anything and continuously cause you frustration and confusion.  You will know what it is like to open the doors of your closet and have just the right thing to wear for any occasion.  Gone are the days of lamenting, “I have nothing to wear.”

Make 2012 the year you create calm and order in your life.  Treat yourself to a closet audit, and the decluttering of your wonderful life.

Need assistance?  You will find more information in my book, “Be the Rage at any Age – Style Wisdom to Last a Lifetime,”  or a personal consultation w/Ruth.  www.ruthromero.com


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